King Saha Honours AK47 In Gundeeze Concert.


King Saha on stage.
King Saha on stage.

Last Sunday music fans were spoiled for choice as Resort Beach hosted Dr. Jose Chameleone’s Wale Wale Double Trouble concert, Lido Beach hosted Galaxy FM Zzina Fun Beach Carnival and at Jazz Bridge King Saha was in action in the Gundeeze Album. Attending all the three concerts was arguably difficult, music fans had to choose among the three concerts depending on which artist they loved.

King Saha's Mum was present.
King Saha’s Mum was present.

Stepping on stage at Midnight King Saha’s fans greeted him with loud cheers and thunderous applauses after a couple of curtain raisers including Geo steady, Ziza Bafana, Maro and Aziz Azion. Alongside his backup singers King Saha gave his fans a one and half hours full dose of all his songs concluding with Gundezze. And even as the heavens let loose fans were glued to their seats chatting King Saha’s name. Surprise guests at the concert were his mum who cheered him through and through and AK47’s widow who had traveled with her son.

King Saha with AK47's widow and son.
King Saha with AK47’s widow and son.

King Saha paused for a minute invited AK47’s widow on stage and asked his fans to join him in a moment of silence to honour his departed friend who died early this year.

“AK47 was like a brother to me. We struggled together, I remember we had set a target to outcompete Chameleone but we failed. This year we were planning a big concert but unfortunately he passed away” King Saha told the crowd. He also vowed to support AK47’s widow.

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