I Will Prioritize Tourism In Entebbe – Says FDC’s Abubaker Walusimbi.


Abubaker Walusimbi is aspiring for the Entebbe Municipality Parliamentary seat on the FDC Ticket.

The forum For Democratic Change (FDC) aspiring Member of Parliament for the Entebbe Municipality Seat Abubaker Walusimbi has reassured Entebbe Municipality residents about his goal to prioritize Entebbe’s tourism potential once he is elected to serve as a Member of Parliament.

Walusimbi who is contesting for the Entebbe Municipality Parliamentary seat for the second time has pledged to harness Entebbe’s tourism potential with an aim of creating job opportunities for the youths.

As we eagerly await for Entebbe to be officially elevated to a city status, it is vital to be creative and harness tourism opportunities in Entebbe that will create job opportunities for our youths. We have huge numbers of tourists that enter the country through Entebbe and go to other tourism destinations across the country. It is possible to collect information on different sites and places such as Cultural sites in Entebbe and key historical figures that lived or still live in Entebbe and elsewhere across the country besides the known tourism sites and redevelop the Entebbe tourism information Centre where the information can be accessed. It is possible to train tour guides, drivers and booking agents based in Entebbe that will have the information on different tourism sites on their fingertips and can be hired by tourists who want to visit any tourism site in Uganda, Walusimbi revealed.

“Developing Entebbe’s tourism potential will not be the job for the Member of Parliament alone, the Member of Parliament can work with other local leaders to develop and harness Entebbe’s tourism potential. All I request from the residents of Entebbe is for them to give me a chance to serve them”, added Walusimbi.







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