Uganda Cranes Goalie Denis Onyango Blows Final Whistle To Retirement

"It is a sad day in my life knowing that I will never wear the jersey of my beloved Cranes in front of passionate fans again."

Uganda Cranes captain and goalkeeper Denis Onyango has  retired from football with effect from  April 12.

Onyango made the official statement to the Uganda football federation yesterday with tears rolling in his face.

“I sit here with tears rolling down my eyes because after a lengthy consideration I have come to the decision of retiring from international football with immediate effect”.

Onyango made a heart breaking confession that he will never wear the Cranes jersey infront of football fans.

He assured football fans to be the number one fan and more so to enjoy the sport at all times.

He noted that It’s through the Ugandan national team that I have grown from a boy to man and father.

Onyango has enjoyed his career with success stories following him including being one of the best players across the continent.

“I have played at the AFCON finals for the Cranes football team and the sweet memories  of being at the AFCON finals” added Onyango.

I didn’t want to retire but I felt it is better to leave good memories and allow   younger goalkeepers to compete for that jersey which I have worn with pride for 16 years.


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