Museveni Calls for Vote Recount in Disputed Entebbe Mayoral Election

President Museveni has called for a recount of the ballots in the dispute Entebbe Municipality mayoral election that some one person shot dead by a soldier of the Special Forces Command (SFC), a presidential guard unit.

Maj Anthony Mbaziira from SFC, told the protesters on Tauesday evening that the President will meet the ruling NRM party candidate who alongside his DP counterpart said they were rigged out of the election.

“President Museveni has said the votes will be re-examined, whoever will have won the elections is the one who will be announced by the Electoral Commission. He has said he is going to meet the NRM candidate immediately, he has asked you to keep calm and avoid violence,” Maj Mbaziira said.

The Wakiso District returning officer on Tuesday morning declared Independent candidate Fabrice Rulinda as the winner of the Entebbe Municipality mayoral seat.

Entebbe Municipality had six mayoral candidates: Vincent Kayanja Depaul (DP), Ms Olive Nassuna (NUP), Mr Mohammed Kawuma (independent), Mr Fabrice Rulinda (independent), Mr Michael Mutebi (NRM) and Kenneth Ssimbwa (ANT).

However, the losers claimed that it was impossible for Rulinda to win the election since he had trailed others for most of the time until the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

According to the declared results, Rulinda got 6,703 votes, followed by Mr Mutebi who polled 6, 342 votes. DP’s Kayanja came third with 5,576 votes while NUP’s Nassuna got 2,499 votes. ANT’s Ssimbwa had 45 votes.

Upon declaration, the losing candidates and their supporters started protesting, prompting the military and police officers to start firing tear gas and live bullets.

In the ensuing melee, Eric Kyeyune, a local NRM chairman, was shot dead while several others were injured in the shooting and rushed to hospital. Mr Mbaziira told the NRM protesters that the SFC soldier who shot the deceased would be charged.

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