Lake Victoria Hotel Security Manager Fired Over Dirty Office Politics.


James Mbabazi Goes To The Dogs
James Mbabazi Goes To The Dogs

The Entebbe Town based LAICO Lake Victoria Hotel Security Manager, James Mbabazi is crying crocodile tears and cursing like hell after he was fired from his paying job over incompetence and dirty office politics. The hunky fella was fired from the five-star hotel facility a couple of weeks ago after the hotel bosses pinned him down over extortion and several other dirty vices against the hotel rules and principals. The hotel top boss, Mark Peters fired the horny fella after a report pinned him down over squeezing dime from poor men and women hunting for jobs. He has been promising them jobs and squeezing dime from the poor fellas. The crafty fella has been charging not less than One hundred thousand shillings (Shs 100,000) for every job application hand delivered to the hotel premises. The cunning fella has been pocketing every coin that comes his way without informing his bosses who offered him the security job. The foxy fella was earning over two million shillings and was replaced by one of the security supervisors identified as Badru Egesa after workers and colleagues throwing up a ball for their fallen comrade who was fired to the street of the hard rocks.

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