Gashumba Daughter Turns Headline’s@Musical Party

"Sheila Gashumba is no question of celebrity values and her life matters in black lives in making  big brands"

City celebrity Frank Gashumba’s daughter is on the knob of ‘tickling’  every male species in the pot holed capital city of Kampala(+256 UG).

The small bodied young girl for the last couple of years has been rocking the celebrity charts over her cunning behaviors.

The soupy gal  is over the moon for the last couple of years and  melting men  line candle.

Sheila Gashumba is no question of celebrity values and her life matters across the banana republic in making  big brands.

The pencil thin babe has all features of super brands and she has made it to prove her worth as a marketing brand using her intellectual property.

She has inspired lots of young people with her features and she commands much respect as a young celebrity in the making.

Our scouts have it  that  the sexy “sheila” turned headlines at  Uganda’s musical brand Eddie Kenzo’s listeners’ party  debut “Made in Uganda”.

But one interesting event of the day is  “sheila’s body guard that kept on eagle eye-d to every person that was eye-ing the sexy “boo”.



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