ADMITTED:Singer Mr. Menshan Gets On Drip After Guzzling Like Stupid

"The dreaded star has been guzzling like fish &drinking waragi from morning till curfew time plus booking sleep in hideouts"

Faded singer Daniel Besigye popularly known as Mr. Menshan is cursing like hell after drinking to coma over the week& getting admitted.

The dreaded star and former co-singer to Peter Miles is on medication after getting admitted to medical facility after drinking to heaven.

The musical icon was rushed to medical facility we are yet to identify after guzzling more than enough in the last couple of days over stress.

We have highly established that the faded star was rushed to hospital with blue eyes and guzzling like a beast in Hollywood.

And for the last couple of days, friends &families have been running up &down after news going around that the declared drunken is ‘on the last minute drive’ to 6ft but thanks be to God, the pencil thin fella is still breathing and walking.

“Meshan has not been eating for the last couple of days and surviving on booze- strolls till he developed intensifying ulcers in the stomach with bleeding sores &wounds”, said source

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