Red Rooster Boss Nelson Melting Down Over Soupy Kyotara Girl

"the juicy young girl has been smoked out feeding Nelly on white milky jerry"

The Red Rooster Sports Bar Top CEO  Nelson Were is burning with love after tight marking a soupy dripping young girl in Entebbe.

The tall hunky dude is melting with love after winning one Nadia Ali’s heart and waiting to make babies.

The lover birds have been smoked out in hide-outs making love and rolling tongues in corners.

Nelly is running love-crazy after hooking up  the  candy kyotara girl also kid-sister to former KFM radio presenter Aisha Alibhai.

It’s now official that soupy Nadia and her lover man have nothing to hide from public with several  ‘stage-managed’ images clouding social media platforms.

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