Radio Chews Zungu Babe’s Lips.


Radio With Zungu Babe On Boat Cruise

Former Leone Island crew singer Moses Ssekibongo popularly known as Radio is on romp form and screwing zungu babes one of these days. The dreaded fella is not regretting ever since he split up with his former boss, Jose Chameleone who was making him feed his dogs and rabbits in addition to washing his cars. The beer thirsty fella has survived the hard way ever since he started his musical group with Weasel. The singers have been recording hit after hit and enjoying babes’ legs and last week on Thursday pencil thin Radio was smoked out sweet talking and begging for some legs from a Soupy Zungu Babe at the freedom beach in Entebbe. The lover-birds first swallowed a few beers at the beach facility before hiring out and enjoying a boat cruise with peter miles.

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