Oyam Senior Citizen Murdered In Cold Blood, Family Petitions IGP

The family members of the Late Remizo Okello have petitioned the Deputy Inspector General of police to investigate the conduct of police officers at Oyam Central police station and soldiers from Lira Garrison who allegedly killed him in cold blood.

The late Remizo Okello while still alive

It’s alleged that on April, 24th, 2021, soldiers from Lira Garrison led by Lt.Col. Nelson Ayebare and police officers from Oyam Central police station commanded by ASP-Amos Okoboi, laid a siege during night
hours at the residence of the late Remizo Okello and allegedly shot him to death in a garden where he had gone to dig in the morning.
Its reportedly that after gunning down the deceased,  ASP-Okoboi in company of his junior officers bundled the dead body on a police truck and whisked it away before embarking on arresting the deceased’s family members, who were mourning at the vigil. The killers also allegedly burnt the deceased’s house to ashes, destroyed household property, made away with 30herds of cattle, 15goats, a motorcycle plus six hybrid pigs.
According to reliable sources, trouble for the deceased stems from a pending land conflict between him and the family of Morrish Oruk, in addition to another pending judgment before Anyeke Magistrate court.

It’s reported that in 2016, the family of Morris Oruk, allegedly used police officers from Oyam Central police station to apprehend the late Remizo Okello on suspicion of illegal possession of a firearm. The deceased was paraded in court, charged and remanded but during the trial process, it was established that the state lacked evidence to support the charges and on April 18th, 2016, the case was trashed for want of prosecution by His worship Ezra Morris Oburu.

The houses that were demolished on the disputed piece of land

However, the deceased’s family members also accuse Oruk ,who has been lined up as a witness in the land dispute with the deceased of allegedly conniving with ASP-Okoboi to trump up charges of aggravated robbery against the deceased while still alive. Meanwhile, on May 27th, 2021, the High court sitting in Kampala presided over by His Lordship Justice Boniface Wamala, ordered for the release of the deceased’s family members and to release the body of the deceased for a decent burial.
It’s alleged that ASP-Okoboi, who allegedly ordered for the arrest of deceased’s family members at the vigil has gone ahead to trump up charges against the relatives of the deceased person.

The deceased lying in the garden lifeless

Family Members Seek Justice
In a petition addressed to the Inspector General of Police, the family members ,who compare the death of their relative to the extra judicial killings that occurred during past regimes, want the officers behind the death of their loved one be investigated for their individual roles in the murder, concealing the dead body, unnecessary arrest and charging of family members. They also want the Deputy Inspector General of police to urgently intervene by suspending the officers implicated in the murder on grounds that they have continued to pursue the deceased’s remaining relatives for arrest.  The individual police officers include ASP-Amos Okoboi, Francis Tumushabe, Immaculate Angwech, ASP-Yiga Gonzaga-Regional CIID, ASP-Saul Musasizi, Officer in charge -Iceme police station and Sgt. Moses Okello.

The remaining family members, who deserted their respective homes for fear of being killed, have also petitioned the President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni and the Chief of Defense Forces (CDF), Gen. David Muhoozi, to reign into the matter by bringing the culprits to book, whom they claim are well known by their identifies.

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