Entebbe city pushes for twinning with UK Canterbury city

"The online meeting saw lots of deliberations and ideas from the two cities including tapping into the tourism potentials".     

The Canterbury city of the UK has pledged to support Entebbe municipality in tourism and pushing new business ideologies.

This follows a virtual meeting between the two cities representative deliberating on different issues and how businesses can get better post COVID 19.

Entebbe municipality representative had a virtual meeting at the Pulickal hotel with the Canterbury city representatives on line.

Kimuli Paul, the acting coordinator of Entebbe municipality and Canterbury city coordinator Soubin Anthony organized the online meeting to “cement” the partnership between the two cities.

The Canterbury city coordinator Soubin Anthony said in the meeting that Entebbe will benefit in the partnership with different learning experience from business to tourism.

Lisa Carlson, Micheal Vince, Dr Mary Nayondo,Carl Wright and others including the Entebbe contingent participated in the online meeting on Friday.

The Entebbe contingent was represented by Kimuli Paul also Entebbe city coordinator at a meeting with others including Luyimbazi Alex of Stand  out foundation Uganda,Robert Peacock of Gateway News,Jonathan Baguma of Silver tours company.

The online meeting saw lots of deliberations and ideas from the two cities including tapping into the tourism potentials.

Mr. Soubin Anthony of the Canterbury city coordinator discussed comprehensively how Entebbe will benefit from the partnership in business development and other sectors including supporting Education.

One biggest concern in the meeting  focused on climate change and post COVID 19 marketing strategies.

The Canterbury city has a population of over 50,000 and more so a business advocacy association was started to ring fence business investment.

The Association of towns and city management in Canterbury  was started to be the voice of the business community.

Mr Kimuli said in the meeting that the  twinning of the  Canterbury city is a good business model in developing modern business practices.

This partnership is secondly to two other partnerships that have been signed before and these include the Kulmar –Sweden city partnership and the Wuhan-China partnership plus Astonia city twinning.

“The partnership will breed new learning experiences for tourism, education and other exchange program plus direct business contact” said Canterbury coordinator.

“The partnership is designed to have different learning experiences and exchange programs in line with the sustainable development goals” said Kimuli.

The City of Canterbury is a local government district with city status in Kent, England with great stories to be told.

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