CELEBRATING ENTEBBE SENIOR CITIZENS|Joshua Tuhumwire, An Uncle and God-Parent To Many Children.


Joshua Tuhumwire with his wife.

At 65 years, Joshua Tuhumwire better known as Uncle Joshua is happily enjoying his retirement at his residence along Hill Road in Entebbe where he has lived for many many years. After close to 30-plus years serving at the Department of Geological Survey and Mines in Entebbe as a senior Geologist, Joshua Tuhumwire retired in 2010 and he is now doing his own things including running his own company, Godwana Geoscience Consulting Limited.

Perhaps because of playing Golf regularly, Joshua Tuhumwire is still physically strong and energetic and his name is clearly intertwined with the Rotary Club of Entebbe where he has given generously to different causes and initiatives and also Entebbe Golf Club where he served as Chairman and also tirelessly championed and oversaw Entebbe Golf Course become an 18-hole course from a 9-hole course.

Better known as Uncle Joshua, Joshua Tuhumwire is an uncle and God-parent to many Children especially kids born in the late 1980s (86, 87, 88, 89) and early 1990s and despite residing in Entebbe for many many years, Joshua Tuhumwire still speaks the conc Rukiga from Rubanda, the greater Kabale District and he does his things the ‘ki-kiga way’ (straightforward and open).

Joshua Tuhumwire is a married man with adult kids and his wife is known for keeping a very low profile.


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