Bull Dog Bar Mzungu Puts Last Nail On Babe Using Afro-Chemistry!!

‘Shocking images exposing her magical weapons terrifying men and super wicked”

The love affair of Bull Dog Bar top chief Jim Sleath and elnino rich Nanyazi Sylvia is at the rocks after the babe running over other bull-dogs on addition  to  Juju threats.

This follows after our eagle e-eyed snoops have landed on high classified information that that the soupy Nanyazi  is getting down on bended knees after shocking videos exposing her crazy manners including smoking out  her out enjoying with another man in the wee hours of the night last weekend at a happening hang-out in Entebbe town corridors

The elnino rich Nanyazi was smoked with another man dancing in the night club and having fun in the middle of the night  without our muzungu man around.

And the latest word reaching our desk has it that juicy dripping Nanyazi has been banking on afro chemistry herbal stuff and powdered local content to melt down lots of male species.

We have highly established that muganda gal is highly troubled with no where to hide after shocking images reaching the watch tower exposing her deadly mission she has doing her men including the color man running one of the top town bars in Entebbe.

We have highly landed on classified information that the muzungu man put the last nail in the ‘coffin’ over the   soupy babe after establishing that the small bodied gal  been using  wicked stuff in her life which has more pissed off her muzungu to walk out of her life and say bye bye.

And on a high note we have contained heart breaking images that sparked the trouble with her muzungu to throw her out of his life.

Dirty Dozen: Why  women love to use afro-barometer chemistry to tame men?

Women use juju for many reasons – to tame treacherous husbands, protect their husbands from being snatched away by other women or to put a man under ‘Petticoat Government’. … Like a zombie, a man, will cooperate and possibly sever ties with the extended family.

It is for this reason that women will do anything, including use of magic charms, to not only con their ways into men’s hearts, but also protect those they love from and more so can juju help you win the love of a man or woman? … Some women use juju to genuinely protect their marriages and keep their men while.



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