Tumukunde Agents to Miss Out On Payment If He Gets Zero Votes at Polling Station

Chairperson of the Renewed Uganda pressure group, Dr. Omar Nnyago Kalinge has warned that polling agents of their presidential candidate, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde will not receive payment if the candidate receives no vote at a given polling station they have been deployed.

Nnyago said it would be unacceptable for an agent to shamelessly come for his or her payment yet Tumukunde has not scored even a single vote on that particular polling station.

“You come with a Declaration Form indicating that Tumukunde scored zero, it means that even you didn’t vote for him, how you can accept our letter and then fail to vote for him,” he said,

Nyago made these remarks while flagging off Tumukunde’s polling agents from Wakiso district at the RU offices in Kampala on Tuesday.


“If you can deploy a polling agent everywhere, it means that you already have those votes,” he noted.

“If you work we shall pay you; but I don’t see any reason why you should make noise when you haven’t worked,” he said.

Nnyago reminded the polling agents to work together with their colleagues from other political parties like the National Unity Platform, Forum for Democratic Change, Alliance for National Transformation.

“We have about 34060 polling stations meaning that deployment of two agents per polling station will require about 70,000 people and if you are to get some water of Shs10,000, it adds up to Shs700m; it is costly and how you see we are already squeezed,” he said

“You can endure and get hungry as long as you are rescuing your country. Stop being lazy get your water pour in a Rwenzori bottle and buy some Groundnuts of Shs800 and guard our votes, instead of asking for over Shs50000 which we don’t have,” he tipped them.

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