Street Parking Managers Go Into Hiding Over Choking Debt

“they have been milking the cow without feeding the cow &yet they have been making a lot of money from street parking"

The  municipal authorities have suspended street parking business  in the metropolitan city after top managers defaulting since they were given the tender in  Entebbe.

We have highly established that the municipal authorities suspended street parking business after the top managers of Basiima consults limited going into hiding over choking parking arrears amounting to over fifth million shillings.

The municipal authorities under the town clerk’s office suspended street parking after the top managers failing to “run” their own business tender for the last couple of years.

“Their have been lots of complaints about street parking enforcement team and charging abnormal fees after cramping your car which has frustrated lots of car owners”, said a source.

“The enforcement team has been charging over seventy thousand shillings (shs70,000/=) as penalty for defaulting street parking fees which is abnormal to car owners”, said a local authority.

Inside sources have indicated that street parking managers have been making a lot of money to their own benefit and hoodwinking the municipal council to offer tax relief.

“The street parking company has not paid any money to the municipal council since their start of business in Entebbe.

“They have been milking the cow without feeding the cow and giving all sorts of reasons in their own favour”, said source.

Comments&feedback about street parking:

“ They a some goons within da street parking department dat we should weed-out otherwise they have made life hard in Entebbe upper town. Coz they charged my brother 200000 one day but they should know dat there days a also coming soon…Dat kind of stealing pipo is not good” said Akabo Samuel.

“thank you those guys were stealing broad day banange and no one has been caring including the company managers”,said Cossykk Vanessa.

“It’s now official that street parking has been suspended officially, reads letter from the municipal authorities dated 21st April 2021 by the town clerk Charles Magumba.


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