Singer Hitnature of ‘Twazikoze’ Fame Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

On 24th November 2022, singer Hitnature of ‘Twazikome’ fame graduated from the International University of East Africa.

The singer is the latest addition to a burgeoning group of recent graduates in the music industry, which already includes names like Pia Pounds, Don Mc, Ceaserous, Sylver Kyagulanyi, and Bobi Wine, among many others.

Hitnature earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science and vowed to use the skills acquired to advance his musical career.

After reaching his goal, the singer shared the exciting news on social media, to thank everyone for their prayers and to congratulate his fellow grads on being included on the class of 2022 graduation list.

Hitnature promised to devote the majority of his attention to his music profession now that he has finished a portion of his education and hinted at releasing a music video the following week.

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The development saw the singer’s fans and well-wishers shower him with congratulatory messages, for the milestones achieved.

Hitnature rose to stardom in 2018, following the release of his hit song ‘Twazikoze’. However, despite releasing additional tracks, they were unable to break into the top music ranks.


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