Sasha Brighton, Chris Evans Release Teo Song Amid the Former’s Breakup Saga

Singers Chris Evans and Sasha Brighton have taken to the recording booth and released a song dubbed Teo, out of the latter’s current state.

The development comes just a few days after Sasha Brighton’s leaked break-up audio recording took social media by storm.

Chris Evans, a longtime friend of Sasha, claims that he visited her yesterday after learning of her precarious situation at the time.

They decided to put the entire situation into lyrics after their discussion, and producer Crouch was the most convenient choice.

In the song, Sasha reveals how she learned the hard way, when she left her former relationship in search of “greener pastures,” little did she know that her newfound love would also disrespect her.

Chris Evans interjects and offers a comforting message, before counseling everyone to always be pleased with what they have.

Listen to the audio below.


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