Museveni Orders Further Probe into Death of Archbishop Lwanga

President Yoweri Museveni has called for further explanation of the circumstances under which Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga passed away last week.

Museveni said at some point he will need to hear from the doctors of the Archbishop, on why his illness was not well managed, leading to his death.

Dr Lwanga, the Archbishop of the Kampala Catholic Archbishop succumbed to heart attack while he slept on Friday night, according to doctors.

Dr Charles Ssekitoleko who is also the Archdiocesan Health Coordinator of the Kampala Archdiocese told mourners yesterday that Dr Lwanga had died of a condition known as “Ischemic Heart Disease”


“This means a heart attack that is due to a blood clot that was found in the artery that supplies blood to the heat,” the doctor said.

Museveni at Kololo
Museveni at Kololo

Speaking on Tuesday morning at a government organized funeral event at Kololo independence grounds in Kampala, President Museveni said he was dissatisfied with the explanation given by the doctors.

“I was in shock when I heard that the Archbishop had died, so I inquired and spoke to the Police surgeon who was involved in post-mortem and the other doctors, and asked them to explain,” Museveni revealed.

“The doctors said that the condition that killed him is well known… I even asked my doctor, (Diana) Atwiine… But if the condition was known, what did you do about it?”

According to Dr Ssekittoleko’s post-mortem report, the heart attack conclusion was “consistent with the history of illness of the arch bishop.”

In this case, Museveni says, the illness should have been managed and the death prevented.

“Really, even if you are saying that God has called us, I would want people of value to stay here as long as possible,” he said.

“The doctors were managing him for a long time. They should explain at some stage. I have heard that there is a test called ECG which can measure the activity of the heart muscle, but cannot detect the fat blockage in the blood vessel.

I heard that for this there is another test (the Two-dimensional echocardiography) …If that is the case why wasn’t it done? At some stage I would like that side to be clarified.”

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