Museveni Appoints Col Allan Matsiko as SFC’s Director of Intelligence

President Museveni has promoted Lt Col Allan Matsiko to the rank of Colonel and appointed him Director of Intelligence, Special Forces Command (SFC).

Col Matsiko now takes over from Col Herbert Nabimanya who has been transferred to the Land Forces.

The presidential appointment will see Matsiko run a very sensitive docket tasked with compiling and analyzing classified intelligence from the operations of Uganda’s most elite military force.

The SFC protects the president and his immediate family.

The SFC while conducting its operations coordinates closely with the two main arms or services of the UPDF, that is, the Land Forces and the Air Forces.

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The SFC main headquarters are found in Entebbe, Wakiso District, but also has sub-units stationed in different parts of the country.

SFC units working alongside the regular UPDF have been very active in theaters of operations, such as South-Sudan, DRC, Somalia and Equatorial Guinea.

While Col Matsiko will report to the SFC commander, the new position puts him in regular direct contact with President Museveni.

Matsiko, 48, graduated in International Business at a University in the Netherlands. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

He attended his cadet course in Jinja; the platoon course in Kabamba and company commander’s course in Jinja. He also attended Junior Command and Staff Course and Senior Command and Staff Course.

Officials said Matsiko, who until recently, was serving as Manager Security at Entebbe International Airport, is not new to the intelligence community.

Matsiko, who speaks fluent Germany, has attended many intelligence and aviation security courses in Uganda and overseas.

He served in the command of Operation Safe Haven in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Matsiko also served as a battalion intelligence officer and later as Counterintelligence Officer for the then Presidential Guard Brigade and Special Forces Group.

He also headed the IT department of SFC.

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