Mayor Kayanja Fights Kabwama Over Shs 500M UNRA Deal


Mayor Vicent Kayanja Depaul and the  division ‘A’ chairman Michael Kabwama Nyamayalwo  are fighting each other over the  UNRA multi million shillings  deal. The two are biting their tongues over the five hundred million shillings (sh500M) from the UNRA compensation including the disturbance compensation amounting to over one million shillings (shs119M) that was wired on the municipal account. The part of  the compensation was lobbied by the division chairman which has sparked a bitter row following the mayor’s ground breaking ceremony last week where the new storied division offices are to be constructed. The mayor and a group of councilors officiated the ceremony without inviting the division chairman plus his team of councilors for the ground breaking ceremony which has sparked a titanic war.

The division chairman told the media that the mayor is taking independent decisions and running government programs and projects like family affairs.The chairman is bitter with the municipal authorities over failing his day-day office operations over politics.In the recent developments, the Entebbe central market in under re-construction to have a face after replacing asbestos sheets with iron sheet. The re-development of the market is expected to take less than 4 months for traders and vendors to get back their lock-ups and stalls.The chairman is not happy with the mayor after the ground breaking ceremony of the new division offices to be constructed later this year. The ground breaking ceremony was  attended by a few councilors and political leaders with the mayor leading the delegation last weekend.

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