Man Disowns Wife over Anti Rwanda Criticism

A Rwandan Man Mabumba Oswald, Married with Four Children has Publicly Disowned his wife over her Anti Rwanda Critical Messages she posts on Social Media.

It Should be known that Rwanda has a strict non criticism policy where most who go against the government or promote “hateful” messages often end up in police cells or prison and even worse.

Paul Kagame, the Rwandan President like his Ugandan Counterpart has ruled the country with an iron hand and has never given anyone an opportunity to take over democratically.

We believe its against that background that the man, a one Mabumba Oswald decided to disown his wife for fear of his and his children’s safety.

His Message Posted on Social Media was as follows;

Hello dear public.
My name is Eng.Mabumba Oswald, I’m an Engineer by profession and a father of four children whose mother is Yvonne Idamange .
I’m Rwandese by nationality residing in South Sudan apparently.

Perhaps the reason why I’m writing this piece of information is to let the general public know that my wife Yvonne has recently went public criticizing the Government of Rwanda on social media and this is something I do condemn with all terms possible.

As her husband and a father of her children, I tried to advised her at family level on the negative path she is choosing but still couldn’t take my advise.

Thus , I’m here to declare to the general public that she is on her own whereas I and my children as law abiding citizens of this country (Rwanda) are not part of her agenda .


Eng.Mabumba Oswald

Mabumba Oswald disowns wife

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