Leila Kayondo’s Rapid Weight Loss Raises Eyebrows

Singer Leila Kayondo’s rapid weight loss has sent her fans and followers into panic mode.

Leila Kayondo known for her graceful body has of late pivoted into a slim diva leaving cybernauts asking why.

Earlier today, the singer took to her socials, sharing one of her most recent photos which sent her fans and followers into a frenzy.

The singer’s new body transformation has generated divergent reactions from internet users, as some have attributed her acute weight loss to dieting and working out to get rid of the effects that come with weight gain.

Others, however, have attached the singer’s current situation to the stress fathered by the loss of her loved ones, and the saga between her and SK Mbuga.

These have advised the singer to seek help, while others urged her to eat well so that she gains her initial body weight.

However, Leila Kayondo laughed off the speculations, revealing that she is in a dilemma since when she gained so much weight it was an issue, and now she has lost some it is still an issue.

I remember the time I gained so much weight! It was clearly an issue! Now losing weight is an issue. Kati nkole ki??

Leila Kayondo


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