Entebbe Senior Journo Okech Tastes Political Waters

Radio Simba correspondent, Henry Okech is smelling politics and counting his eggs in another basket.

The media fox is in the limelight to contest as a politician representing the    Manyago Zone 1 area electorates at the first division in Entebbe municipality.

The senior media personality will be appearing on the ballot paper for 2021 scientific general elections and raising the ruling party flag high.

Okech will be riding on the NRM ticket as the Manyago zone 1 area councilor at the divisional level having served at different local levels.

“I  have taken on the leadership mantle to represent my constituency and village area as mandated to me including filling the  power vacuum”, said aspiring councilor.

Okech has previously worked with Media PLUS news agency, UBC TV and government agencies including the communications department at the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries. He is also a senior writer with the   Gateway newspaper publication.

And on addition, that have benefited the local community at large. He is committed to serve the residents and speak for the voiceless as the municipality journeys to development towards city status.


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