Entebbe Scouts Kick-Off ‘Good Turn’ Campaign Post COVID

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Coronavirus has taught us  to live a hard way  and for the last couple of month, the whole world has been choking with the  global pandemic and under  lock-down.

This situation has been tense and daring  for the last 6months as  the World has been suffering under lock-down with  several continents  from Europe to Africa.

The world has been put  to  litmus test and  governments have been forced  to ease the lock-down as  scientists are finding  possible medication to the global pandemic that has killed thousands across the continent including the world famous. Uganda has registered few cases of death to the global pandemic following the stringent measures by the Ugandan president Y.K  Museveni and the ministry of health.

The ministry has issued  standard operating procedures and measures  to ease the lock-down with much attention on face masks and hygiene standards including washing hands plus sanitizing. In related development, the scouts association including girl scouts under their umbrella Entebbe Scouts Association have launched a campaign debut “Good Turn”  to the communities in Entebbe.

The campaign was spear headed by the  scouts general secretary  Alex Sammuel Kifampa and  the district executive commissioner Hakim  Ssemugenyi with  the local authorities.

The campaign debut “keep Entebbe clean and  stay safe plus keep distance’ started from Kitooro trading centre and to  run  around  to other area with in the  municipality for the next few weeks.

The clean-up campaign is this Friday  heading to the suburbs of  Lugonjo Nakiwogo areas. The scouts thanked parliamentary hopeful Abubaker Walusimbi and mayoral aspirant Fabrice Rulinda for contributing positively to their cause including Entebbe Municipal Council. Others that contributed generously including the Kitooro LC 1 chairperson Betty Nkata.

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