Doreen Kabareebe Reveals Why She Doesn’t Believe In Bride Price

City model, Doreen Kabareebe, has given her views about the practice bride price and why she doesn’t believe in it.

She said that she made it clear to her father before he passed away and gave him her reasons. Therefore, no one should expect bride price from her man because she’s not a commodity to be sold.

Doreen is among a whole lot of a generation of women and men alike who are up and about eradicating most of the traditional cultural practices. And among one of the most commonly talked about is bride price.

“Nze, I personally don’t believe in bride price. Good thing I made it clear to Mzee before he passed and gave my reasons. So no one should expect anything from my man etti bride price, am not a commodity to be sold.”


Since time immemorial, bride price has been one of the most commonly practiced norms across different cultures in Uganda. However, the current wave of woke people feel like this is wrong.

Some feel that men are always buying women by trading them with their families. They contend that it partly explains why some men mistreat their wives since they view them as property they paid for.

Besides, some families see their daughters as the escape route from poverty and ask for exorbitant fees from suitors.

However, the practice was and is seen by some as a token of appreciation by the man to the girl’s family This is because the family is always the one looking after the girl till she is ripe for marriage and she contributes to the man’s continued lineage.

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