Daniella Atim Vows to Exert Pressure On The Mayanja Brothers Until When Sandra Teta Is Free From Weasel’s Cruelty

Jose Chameleon’s wife Daniella Atim has vowed to exert pressure on the Mayanja brothers until when Weasel’s wife Sandra Teta gets justice.

A few days back, rumours hit the internet suggesting that singer Weasel and his wife Sandra Teta were involved in a heated argument which compelled the former to batter the latter leaving her face deformed.

The rumour was accompanied by photos which portrayed Sandra Teta nursing wounds before she rubbished the reports revealing that she was attacked by thugs who hit her and made off with her belongings.



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Teta’s husband weasel later through his social media accounts revealed that his wife was okay and in good shape.

On Tuesday morning, a video portraying Sandra Teta having a good time alongside Jose Chameleon at Plot 8 bar in Kololo surfaced on the internet.

In the video, Sandra Teta could be seen smiling ear to ear while enjoying the good company of Chameleon and the ecstasy compelled her to make it rain with money on local comedian Mc Mariachi.



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However, Jose Chameleon’s wife Daniella Atim was not impressed by the plastic smile and tons of make-up that Sandra Teta depicted in the circulating video.

At this point, she called her husband Jose Chameleon in a video call to get a clear picture of Sandra’s prevailing situation.

Chameleon assured Daniella that he got full control of the situation, and is working tooth and nail to restore peace between Teta and Weasel.

Daniella Atim advised Chameleon to stop loitering with Sandra Teta, and let her rethink her life, before vowing not to give them breathing space until her suggestion is put into consideration.

Last night tata Abba video called me, he had Sandra “mu lusegere”.i asked him why he is taking around a woman flooded with make up instead of allowing her time away from all the noise to process and rethink her life. He said “mama Abba Sandra tayina tabu”.All this while Sandra constantly wore a Big Bright Sad smile.
I asked him if he is truely taking Sandra out for “fresh air” like he said or just pawning her on weasels behalf ?.
I told him I will not give them breathing space ….pressure after pressure .

Daniella Atim



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