“Crooks To Be Arrested Over Hiking Prices” Says President M7

'nothing has change but some fellas have coronavirus outbreak business'

Uganda president,H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has warned crooks  hiking commodity prices during the coronavirus-fight should stop before the long arm of the law hunts for them. The president made the remark during the 4th presidential nation address over the coronavirus updates where 9 cases of coronavirus where confirmed. “I want to warn those fellas hiking prices that nothing has happened or changed in the country, why hike the prices?”. said Mr. Museveni.  He warned that Ugandans should take serious measures of fighting coronavirus,the world’s deadliest virus ever to threaten the continent in over 15countries including United Kingdom,Italy,Germany,America plus others. The president said he would have closed a day earlier, but still he was forced to close the airport and country boarders which has yielded positive results. The country is key lock with lots services and programs suspended for the  next one month following the coronavirus world pandemic. The virus signs include runny nose,sore throat,cough,fever and difficulty in  breathing. The president warned about individual hygiene including washing hands, masking, and keeping distant. He advised taxi owners to be cautious about over congesting in public transport to reduce on virus spread. He said that soon the bicycle making plant should be revamped to ease transport in city of Kampala.(By PEACOCK KAWEESA)


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