“Corruption eating up Entebbe police like wild fire”

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A senior police officer has been reported to the office of the president over abuse of office in Entebbe. The senior officer identified as Asp Ziramuka Loy has been reported to the president’s office and several other offices including the Inspector General of Police, Director Human Resource and Administration plus others in a letter dated 07/07/2020 and signed by one Francis Malinga over corruption, incompetence and unreliability. In reference to file no. Tar/092/2020, Mukasa Richard  was asked to pay a police report by one Damson Namara which he did as recommended  because his car was involved in a car accident with a government pick up. A report to the president’s office last month indicated that no police report  was available over the claimed accident and yet the report was paid for with assessment  no.064753 amounting to one hundred thirty three thousand shillings (shs133,000/=).The report to the president reflects that the traffic department is mired with perplexing facts including failure to disburse cars involved in accidents despite follow-up and clearance from owners. Besides the absence of parking space for people to use at the station, it was realized that the officers deliberately hold cars of parties involved in accidents in expectation of bribes to release them. Secondly absence of traffic officers at the station due to the desire to join the field teams in a bid to earn from citizens who use the road. Besides they also ask for food items inform of Matooke, Potatoes and Charcoal from individuals who transport these items from up country to the markets within Kampala & Entebbe through Entebbe road. The report further  indicates that it’s clear that traffic officers deliberately stop cars with food and ask for food from the drivers for personal consumption.

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