City Businessman Flees To US Over Political Persecution

He was arrested,tortured over wearing the People power red beret

A renowned city businessman has  flee to the United States after police arresting   him over supporting the People power movement , a local opposition political platform in Uganda.

The proprietor of Mitti  car hire and adventure  company, Mitti  Ivan flee the  country a couple of months ago for treatment /medical attention abroad. This follows after the  flamboyant young man was arrested and put behind bars after finding him wearing  a red beret, a designated red colored military clothing banned by the government of Uganda.


He was arrested wearing the red cap while driving his car. He was man ‘handled’, tortured before being rushed and detained in unidentified military safe house.  Government banned public from wearing red beret, a move that essentially bans the uniform of leading opposition leader Bobi Wine and his supporters.

Bobi Wine, a pop star turned politician announced  he is running for presidency  against longtime leader Yoweri  Museveni  in 2021 and used  the red beret  as his signature. However the beret, also worn by some soldiers, was included in Uganda’s first-ever gazette of all military clothing, which states that any member of the public found in possession of the items “is liable on conviction to imprisonment for life”, under section 160 of the 2005 UPDF Act.

The UPDF army spokesman Richard Karemire said last year the sale or wearing of any attire which resembles the army uniform is banned. Prohibited items, besides the red beret, include side caps, bush hats, ceremonial forage caps and camouflaged baseball caps.

Bobi Wine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu formally declared his presidential bid in July at an event in the capital, Kampala. Wearing a red tie and red beret, a look copied by dozens of his supporters at the event, he said: “On behalf of the people of Uganda, I am challenging you (Museveni) to a free and fair election in 2021”.

Bobi Wine, 37yrs has successfully campaigned for other opposition candidates, raising his profile as a national leader and attracting calls urging him to run for president. But he faces multiple challenges, including limited opportunities to hold rallies or stage concerts before elections.(By spy media)


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