Businessman Ssempijja pins cyclist Viena Ssekanga of fraud

City businessman Moses Ssempijja allegedly claims at least Ug.shs 27,000,000 from the accused (Vianney Hassan Ssekanga)

Kampala City businessman Moses Ssempijja accuses Uganda’s Cyclist Viena Ssekanga of fraud.

Ssempijja allegedly claims at least Ug.shs 27,000,000 from the accused.

The total sum accrues from the monetary value of the goods (spare parts) he had given him to deliver to his brother in Australia, way back in 2018.

To that effect, Ssempijja has since opened up a case (0/G/B/F/P) with Wandegeya Police Station registered as SD REF 52/29/10/2022 with the suspect as Viena Ssekanga.

“I am in need of my money (over Shs 27,000,000). I have not heard from him (Viena Ssekanga) and he did not deliver the goods I gave him”

Ssekanga disappeared in Australia moments after the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.

He was among six Uganda athletes who vanished after the games.

The other five were weightlifters Irene Kasubo and Kalidi Batuusa, boxers Regan Ssimbwa and Nasir Bashir and a table tennis player Halima Nambozo.

The two weightlifters vanished with their passports, but the other four left their passports behind and the passports of the missing athletes were handed over to the Australian Border Force, according to Beatrice Ayikoru who traveled as Chef De Mission for the team Uganda.

Uganda Cycling Association (UCA) president Sam Mahaba Muwonge is unaware of the incident but vows to give the authorities a hand in the investigations.

“I am totally unaware of the incident reported but I am willing to work with the concerned authorities to aid the investigations” Muwonge revealed.

For starters, Ssekanga was the best cyclist of the year 2015 awarded by the Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA).


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