Bishop Kaggwa Warns Youth Over HIV/AIDS

Bishop Kaggwa Warns Youth Over HIV/AIDS


Rt. Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa, Emeritus Masaka Archdiocese has warned  the youth about HIV/AIDS and poverty.  Kaggwa who was the main celebrant at the 141yrs anniversary of  the catholic evangelism under the theme “Blessed are peace makers for they will be called children of God”, organized at Kigungu landing site where the first white fathers  landed on their arrival into Uganda. The catholic missionaries, father Simeon Lourdel Pere (Mapeera) and Brother Amans Delmas (Amansi) came in the country on the  February 17, 1879 and that’s why every year  it’s celebrated  to remember their contribution towards the religious faith.Kaggwa said during the prayer mass that government is un fairly treating other political parties yet it’s their constitution right into  multiparty politics. Bishop Kaggwa further expressed concern over  the worrying poverty, rampant diseases, environmental degradation and the high level of criminality in the country. Mayor Vincent De Paul Kayanja  appealed to Ugandans to respect  each other and human dignity during this political times.Thousands of pilgrims attended the prayer mass at Kigungu landing site  including Bobby wine’s elder Fred Nyanzi Sentamu plus  others.(By PEACOCK KAWEESA)




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