Anna’s Corner Entebbe Put on Blast for Racial Discrimination

Anna's Corner Entebbe, an Italian Restaurant has been Put on Blast by a Client who experienced the worst service because of her Black SKin

The Weekend was long and joyous for most of us given the Martyrs Day and Idd Mubarak Celebrations, but not for all.

A One Leletu Nuwagira chose to go to Anna’s Corner Entebbe with family and friends to Anna’s Corner to enjoy the Public holiday but was given the worst racial treatment not expected from a public restaurant.

Having Gone with their 6 Children aged between 1 and 7 Years, that didn’t matter at all to the monstrous waitresses.

According to Leletu Nuwagira, this is how the events transpired,


So today we decided to go out with some family friends and our children for the public holiday.

Anna’s Corner in Entebbe, an Italian restaurant was our preferred venue for the day out. We arrived at the venue at about 11:30am and got seats for ourselves and the 6 children (between the ages of 1-7 years)we had with us.

Since it was almost lunch time for the children, we decided to first order for their food so they are comfortable. We requested for the menu. We realised that there was no menu option for the children (which was ok and is common in many Ugandan restaurants except for the likes it Cafe Javas.) So we decided to inquire from the waitress if they had either rice or mashed potatoes on their menu that we could serve the children.

To our utter shock, she told us that they don’t serve local/Ugandan food, their menu is continental. We were left wondering if the fried cassava and chapati on the menu was not local/Ugandan and when rice became a Ugandan food item for it to be local

Anyways, we decided to overlook her ignorance/arrogance and so much attitude and order for guacamole and fries and pizza, something that the children could have. We expressly stated that the guacamole was for the children.

As we waited for the guacamole and fries to arrive, we ordered for bananas(bogoya) for the two babies who by this time were really hungry.

Guess what, one of the bananas had maggots, yea maggots in it. That wouldn’t be so much of a problem since it’s sometimes hard to tell a bad banana before you actually peel it, but then the waitress had so much attitude when we informed her about the bad banana. At least an apology as simple as “I’m sorry” was the bare minimum that we expected.

So the guacamole and fries arrive, they had put alot of chilli in the guacamole and the children couldn’t even have it and this was after expressly stating to them that it was for the children. By this time we are wondering whether we were unwanted guests or sth. We decide to give the children the fries with ketchup as we wait for pizza.

After about 20 minutes of waiting for the pizza, the waitress informs us that the pizza will be ready in about 20 minutes because the oven wasn’t ready. By this time, the children are hungry because they weren’t able to eat the guacamole because of the chilli. So we decided to order for chapati’s for them and thankfully they came right on time so we managed to help the children.

Meanwhile the wait for the pizza continued. We had also ordered for more pizzas for ourselves.

Finally, after about an hour of waiting, the pizzas arrive. I must say I have eaten Pizza from around Kampala and elsewhere but this pizza was alittle different in a negative way.

After all this bad service, attitude,delays, rotten bananas etc, when we were about to finish our meal, a group of Italian tourists came into the restaurant and a table was prepared for them next to ours.

When they came in, we noticed a difference in the way they were received and served. They got extra attention, the waitresses were all on standby to take care of them. They made their orders and the waitress read it back to them to confirm. She then thanked them and took their orders to the chef.

We then realised that the treatment we received must have had something to do with the colour of our skin and probably the fact that we had children with us. Probably we were not welcome with our children, probably we didn’t look like we could afford to pay for food in their restaurant, maybe it was our skin colour. We did some further research and confirmed with some review comments on tripadvisor that these guys actually practice racial discrimination in the quality of service they offer to different clients.

We left before the Italians were served but I can assure you that next time we are in Entebbe, Anna’s Corner will never be an option and ai wouldn’t recommend it to any of you my friends.


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