Wife Beater Lynched by Residents

A mob in Kabale district has beaten and fatally injured a man who was found by his neighbours beating his wife and trying to strangle his 4 months old child.

Elly Maate the Kigezi Regional Police Spokesman identified the deceased as Justus Biryomumeisho also known as Kagirisi, a resident of Igabiro Cell in the Southern Division of Kabale Municipality.

It’s reported that Biryomumeisho returned home on April 2nd 2020 while drunk and started beating his wife, smashed some of their belongings in the house, before attempting to strangle their baby.

The wife however, managed to escape and made an alarm to the neighbours who came in numbers to help.

These turned on the man and started beating him.

“The neighbours were angered by Biryomumeisho’s act of repeatedly beating up his wife, and this time trying to strangle his child, but this (lynching) was not justifiable” Maate said

As the mob pounced on Biryomumeisho, Kabale Municipality Law Enforcement officer Byebiryoha Naris and dissuaded them before he rescued and rushed him to Kabale Police Station where a case of Assault reference to SD 48/01/04/2020 was registered.

However, while at the Police, they realised that Biryomumeisho was beaten badly and needed treatment and the Police Pickup rushed him to Kabale Regional Referral Hospital, but on the way, he jumped off from the vehicle and went into hiding.

However, on the morning of April 2nd, he was found dead within the Hospital premises

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