SPECIAL REPORT: Taxi Drivers Petition President As Corrupt Bosses Swindle Shs1.5Bn SACCO Funds

Elections Set For 5th Sept 2019

Nine senior bosses of the former Entebbe Stages Taxi Drivers and Conductor Association are under investigations by the office of the president after swindling over one billions shillings (Shs1.5bn) from the drivers’ association. Kidde Stephen, Bbule Francis, Elanda Godfrey, Walakira Hood, Ssebunya Hamidu, Kasibante Henry, Katumba ben, Mugisha Herbert and Musisi Karim have been black-listed in a special report to the State House Anti Corruption Unit chairman Lt Col Edith Nakalema to be investigated after the former bosses swindling funds from the drivers’ association amounting to over one billion shillings(shs1,543,540,000/=).

The reported was filed to the office of the president plus other government authorities after the group ganging up in various acts of corruption, theft and abuse of office in a document signed by the drivers’ coordinator one Mustafa Muwanga.

The same report was copied to different government authorities including State for Works Minister Henry Bagiire, State Security Minister General Elly Tumwine, Kampala Minister Betty Namisango Kamya, CMI Director Kaka Bagyenda,KMP Moses Kafeero and others over the mis-management of the drivers’ funds with no accountability including selling four omnibuses with different registration numbers as follows UAW 579C,UAR 669J,UAT 575F and UBA 953D to clear individual loans.

The embezzlement of funds through an asymmetrical accountability is especially manifested in the submission by the stage committee of the annual general meeting reports that are at times marred with infestations of deficit. The association bosses are on the run after over three hundred drivers and conductors petition the president and making noise over their bosses embezzling their funds. We have highly established that the former officials are threatening to stand for different posts as elections are set for 5th Sept 2019.

Two years ago, the same bosses were put under fire over breaking the presidential directive on multiple taxation. The raging war on double taxation started in 2015 when president Yoweri Museveni banned multiple taxation in several taxis parks around the country.


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