Sasha Brighton’s Ex-Lover Herbert Shonga Remarks on the Singer’s Current Dire State

Sasha Brighton Kalungi’s ex-lover, socialite Herbert Shonga has come public and remarked on the singer’s current dreadful state.

At the start of this week, a leaked audio clip of singer Sasha Brighton sobbing swept social media off its feet.

In the audio, the singer could be heard venting her dismay with her partner who abandoned his responsibilities after siring a kid together.

She went on to disclose how her landlord is on her neck, over accumulated rent arrears with no possible source of income since she put her music career at bay.


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During a phone interview with Urban TV, Shonga, one of Sasha Brighton’s ex-lovers, was tasked to remark on the singer’s current state.

Shonga stressed that he was saddened upon learning about Sasha Brighton’s predicament. He noted that he immediately contacted her, and he preferred to keep the feedback away from the media.

Furthermore, the businessman distanced himself from fathering Sasha’s baby and maintained that he left the country for Zambia two years now.

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Speaking about the reason behind their breakup, Shonga made it known that the singer was misled by those who envied their relationship.

Shonga emphasized in the same interview that he hasn’t spoken to Sasha much since they split up because he doesn’t want to sabotage her relationship.

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