Sasha Brighton Crying Foul After her Secret Lover Used and Dumped Her | AUDIO

Former Da NU Eagles singer Sahsa Brighton is in tears after being used and deserted by her secret lover.

Sasha Brighton found peace and love with her new catch, who she had kept under the rug for all this time, after splitting with socialite Herbert Shonga.

With the birth of their child, which the singer revealed in April of this year, the couple’s connection was solidified. However, given the most recent development, it appears that the couple’s bliss as lovers was fleeting.

Based on the audio that was leaked on Tuesday morning, a woman who is believed to be Sasha Brighton can be heard sobbing as she describes how her boyfriend changed.

She adds that once she made the choice to enter the relationship, things didn’t go as planned, but she made the gutsy choice to press on.

The situation became worse over time, and now he neither returns her calls nor responds to her texts. She also claims that since she stopped her singing career, she is currently drowning in rent arrears and has no idea where she will acquire the money.

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Despite this, the singer asserts that she is a staunch Muslim believer and that everything happens for a reason.

Listen to the audio below.


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