Police Breaks Up Makerere Students Planned Press Engagement, Arrests Disabled Students

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Police aided by the military police this morning resumed the clamp down on Makerere University student’s protest against the controversial 15% fees hike.

The anti-riot police on Friday morning broken up a press conference that had been organized by the Makerere student guild council about last night’s invasion of university halls of residence and other issues.

Among those arrested was Abbas Muyombo and Ronald Kamusiime both student representatives for students with disabilities.

Last night social media was awash with gruesome images of students being brutalized by the military at Lumumba Hall.

Many students were Injured and their properties in their hall rooms damaged.

Shortly before he was apprehended, Ronald Kamusiime told press that a number of students with visible disabilities were among those indiscriminately beaten when the military stormed Lumumba hall at about 7:00 pm.

“They unleashed military everywhere in every room beat up students including those with disabilities. Even those with clear visible disabilities. There was a student whose arm was broken. He is called Ssebide James”, Kamusiime narrated.

He also accused the security forces for lacing rooms with tear gas.

“Other students are blind, others have diseases that are very critical like asthma but they went in and tear gas every room. How do you go and attack people who are sleeping in their rooms?”

The student leaders insist they will continue pushing until that fees hike is reversed.

Makerere University yesterday put out a statement blaming the impasses on student politics.

It claimed certain students were ‘strategizing and positioning themselves for the next guild elections’ a claim student leaders deny.

However, Muyomba says none of their colleagues has expressed interest in contesting for the next guild polls.

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