Middle East Consultants forced to refund money to protesting youths

The Uganda Police Force yesterday deployed heavily outside the offices of Middle East Consultants Limited after some of the youth protested outside the company’s premises.

The group of approximately 30 youths holding placards descended on the offices accusing the company of taking their money and not getting them job placements as promised by the firm.

The angry youths were demanding to be refunded their money they had paid for job placements in the Arab world which never materialised.

Speaking to Nile Post one of the youth noted that he has spent two years without receiving information from the company.

“They told me to wait for two months up to now…I am going to two years. I have not yet seen my visa. I am requesting them to give back my money because even that money is not mine I got it from money lenders,” he said.

After an interaction with the youth, the company’s executive director Gordon Mugenyi agreed to refund money to the aggrieved youth.

“People who are claiming money today, we had a programme to refund their money so we are able to give them their money in an officially and well programmed way. They are going to get their money because they were on programme,”he said.

He however noted that those who were not on programme of getting their money yesterday will have to come back on the 30th of this month.

Recently, the State House Anti Corruption Unit led by Lt Col. Edith Nakalema arrested officials from the same company on allegations of collecting money for non existence job placements in the Middle East.


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