Lyantonde MP Aspirant Juuko Dies Mysteriously At Wedding

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Residents of Kinnuka S/county, Lyantonde district yesterday 25th, July 2020 were engulfed with sad news of death of their Councillor and district Vice C/Man LCV Juuko Joseph Katungi who died under mysterious circumstances while at a local scientific wedding in Kashagama subcounty.

According to a senior citizen in Kawungu Village where Juuko was born from, Mr Kasinga Steven, the deceased was invited at a wedding, during a speech session as a leader, he was invited to give a speech. How ever when he stood up, he lost conscious and was rushed to Kinnuka H/C III where died.

However according to a friend Mr Kateregga Edward a friend who was mentored by Juuko, says the fellow had been battling with Arthritis for a long time adding that he has been bedridden for the last three months and it was only yesterday that he had gained some energy hence deciding to attend a party where he met his death.

“Yeah it is true Juuko died, the last time i met him he told me he was battling with Arthritis for a long time and from then has been bedridden for the last three months” Kateregga said.

According to the Lyantonde district Chairperson Hon. Fred Muhangi who served with Juuko at the district executive committee, revealed that Juuko was very influential and committed to serving his people.

“Hon. Juuko Joseph Katungi was very influential and committed to serving his people and really we are so much hurt by his death” Muhangi said adding that the deceased will be remembered as one of the founders of Lyantonde district.

Hon. Katungi Juuko Joseph joined politics in 2006 as district councilor representing Kinuuka Subcounty but because of his innovative ideas and efficient services to people of Kinnuka, he was given a variety of opportunities to serve at the district executive committee.

Juuko took a break of politics in 2011 elections, however he was later elected again in 2016 as the Kinuuka LCV District Councillor.

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