Kenya Impounds 39 Truck with Exported Maize from Uganda

Kenyan authorities have impounded 39 trucks for smuggling into the country maize from Uganda after the recent ban.

Earlier this year, Kenya imposed a ban on the importation of maize from Tanzania and Uganda after allegedly finding high levels of mycotoxins that are consistently beyond safety limits.

However, after lifting of the ban, the Kenyan government put strict terms that include all importers and exporters being required to register on top of moving with certificates indicating that the level of aflatoxins isn’t exceeding 10%.

Kenya also asked traders importing maize from Uganda to first present a certificate of origin from the countries of produce before getting clearance at the border points.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock and Cooperatives said after imposing restrictions, several businessmen have resorted to using unmanned borders to enter Kenya with maize.

Following the Government directive on stoppage of maize transfers from EAC partner countries, unscrupulous businessmen have tried to sneak in maize through non- gazetted border points,” a statement by the ministry read in part.

According to Kenya, so far, security agencies from the country have impounded 39 trucks ferrying maize from Uganda.

“Of these, 25 lorries are being held at Busia police station while 14 are at Adungosi, as the Ministry, through its Agriculture and Food Authority heightens surveillance along all border points.”

“ A stern warning has been issued against culprits contravening the government directive, and traders found culpable will be arrested and charged in the Kenyan Court of Law.”

The Kenyan government however warned that their Ethics and Anti -Corruption Commission (EACC) is on high alert to deal with any officers and traders at border points who engage in corrupt practices in exchange for maize entry approval stamps without inspection and verification.

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