Kadaga refuses VP job as Museveni calls for meeting

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has sent a message to ruling National Resistance Movement chairman and President Yoweri Museveni insisting that she will not take the position of Vice President.

Kadaga claimed she will only be the Speaker of parliament or will not serve in the government of Museveni.

According to Kadaga, being a speaker is the ultimate authority while being Vice President means that she is below someone.

President Museveni has called for a meeting between Kadaga and Ouulanya to try and Fix the headlock.

Kadaga had in a meeting with Museveni last year been suggested to take on the VP position currently occupied by Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, but she outrightly refused, bringing the meeting at State House to a stall.

The meeting chaired by Museveni, in the presence of NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba, Government Chiefwhip Ruth Nankabirwa tried to convince Kadaga to stand down in favor of her Deputy Jacob Oulanya, in vain.

And while Kadaga and Oulanya are expected to meet Museveni again today (Monday) to resolve the impasse surrounding the speakership race, Kadaga has reiterated she will not take anything less than Speaker of Parliament.

“No, I have refused. Being VP means you will be someone’s deputy, but while speaker I will be the boss. That is the difference,” Kadaga told the media prior to the meeting.

“The Vice Presidency Seat is not a position of decision making, that is why they want me to be appointed there,” she added.

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