I’d Rather Quit the Relationship but Can’t Kneel Before You – Ruth Akoragye to Victor Kamenyo

Singer Victor Kamenyo’s girlfriend Ruth Akoragye Angora has revealed that she can never kneel before her boyfriend.

Ruth Akoragye is the latest addition to the growing group of females who believe that welcoming partners by kneeling before them and offering them food or drinks is an archaic custom that ought to be deleted from African customs.

Over the years in African settings, women kneel before their husbands to show submission and gratitude to them.

However, based on the video cited by this website, Ruth is ready to break the chain. During a live video broadcast on one of their social media handles, Ruth Akoragye revealed to Kamenyo that she can neither cook nor kneel before her man.

She further disclosed that she can only kneel before her mother-in-law, but she finds it uncomfortable to kneel before her partner.

Ruth wondered what she would be saying to her partner that would require her to get to her knees, before bursting into unexpected laughter.

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The jovial girlfriend emphasized that she is accustomed to urban settings, where lovers interact with each other without necessarily kneeling down.

The development occurs just a few weeks after the couple, who had a brief falling-out, resumed their romance.


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