#EndSARS protesters Shot Dead in Nigeria

An eye witness said that the Nigerian security forces opened fire on #EndSARS protestors who were kneeling on the ground – killing a number of people.

He says he counted 20 bodies lying on the ground.

The demonstrators in Lagos were protesting against police violence and the notoriously violent police unit SARS.

Witnesses said that uniformed, armed men arrived in vehicles at about 6.45pm – after curfew had begun – and then started shooting almost immediately. Social media footage streamed live from the aftermath shows protesters attending to the wounded.

This protestor told Newsday’s Tom Hagler that they’d expected the police to come, but had all agreed to kneel and surrender:

“They didn’t stop shooting. It was very obvious they were coming directly at us to kill as many people as possible because we were surrendering… I’m just lucky to be here.”

Src: BBC News

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