“Don’t accept Museveni’s cash handouts”, Bobi Wine to NUP MPs

Former Presidential Candidate and The National Unity Platform(NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has called on the elected party leaders not to fall prey to President Museveni’s schemes, including cash handouts.

He made the remarks at a party retreat in Jinja intended to guide it’s newly elected leaders on the objectives of the party ahead of the swearing-in next month.

In his opening remarks, Kyagulanyi warned the leaders against selling their allegiance to government agents who are allegedly giving out cash.

“I would like you to be aware that you are being targeted. You are being followed by the dictator who is trying to compromise you. You are also being followed by the people of Uganda whose hopes and trust is in you. We have bigger task ahead of us as leaders,” he said.

Kyagulanyi noted that as the party they will continue to demand for the rule of law and the respect for human rights from the government.

He urged the leaders to always remain focussed given the fact that there is still some unfinished businesses that needs to be accomplished.

Kyagulanyi noted that as the party, they should celebrate the fact that they have been able to awaken Ugandans to take interest in how they are being governed.

“We must celebrate the fact that we have awakened an entire generation. We have connected the generations, the young and the old. We have connected the gender.W e have connected Ugandans,”he said.


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