Dark-Skinned, Desperate, Poor, and Life-Failed Women Should Desist from Attacking Bleached Women – Precious Remmie

Next Media presenter and actress Precious Remmie has urged fellow women who are fond of demeaning bleached women to stop immediately.

Remmie issues this caution after coming across insulting remarks on social media about women who use bleaching treatments to improve their looks.

According to her assessment, it is usually dark-skinned, impoverished, suffering, and life failed women who project their rage onto bleached women.

She further stresses that since dark-skinned women chose to remain in their dark tone, they should be proud of it, and stop demeaning others for their choices.

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Remmie made it obvious that some women cannot afford to bleach their skin, therefore they should preserve their dark complexions without degrading those who can.

“Bleaching requires maintenance, consistency, and money, which makes it pricey for some women.”

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