Company supposed to replace Face Technologies in permit-issuing not ready- MoW

Ministry of Works has extended a contract to permit issuers Face Technologies just days after it announced they should leave for a new company Uganda Security Printing Company (USPC) to take over.

A statement this week from the Ministry had confirmed the exit of Face Technologies and ordered for the closure of operational offices in Kampala and the countryside to purposely allow USPC to remodel facilities in “preparation for take-over”.

Days later, the ministry made a U-turn asking Face Technologies to stay until March.

“Face Technologies will continue the issuance of drivers’ licenses on Monday 7th December 2020 as the new service provider gets ready to take over on 1st March 2021,” Susan Kataike, the spokesperson of the ministry said.

“USPC is a government agency that prints security documents. The Ministry of Works is still in charge but USPC has the capacity to provide the security materials needed to do the job. Thank you,” she added.

Recently, the ministry of works and transport signed a memorandum of understanding with USPC to undertake the printing of driving permits from Face Technologies whose contract had expired.

However, a section of Ugandans have disagreed with the move citing that Face Technologies has been one of the very few effective agencies in service delivery

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