“Black Yellow Red” Short Film about 2021 Uganda General Elections by George the Poet

On 13 January 2021, British Ugandan artist George Mpanga (also known as George the Poet) will  release his “Black Yellow Red” short film on all social media platforms in response to the 2021  Uganda General Elections taking place on 14 January 2021. 

While many around the world speculate whether former Reggae singer turned politician Bobi Wine  can derail Yoweri Museveni’s sixth bid, George the Poet’s 11 minute film takes a candid and critical  view on the electoral process and how real change can be implemented outside politics: through  music. 

Much like Bobi Wine, George the Poet is a fellow Ugandan artist with an interest in politics. The film  provides a long term look at Uganda’s problems situated in the African context, and the role of music  in implementing change. 

George the Poet's short film on 2021 Uganda General Elections
George the Poet’s short film on 2021 Uganda General Elections


“This short film is a reflection on Ugandan politics, from my diaspora perspective. 

“Like many Ugandans, I’m concerned for our country. Politics divides our people, just like it does in  the West, and everyone feels frustrated. Police brutality, civilian deaths and military involvement are  regular features of our elections – this is not normal. No Ugandan has seen a peaceful transfer of  power since colonisation and no Ugandan under 35 has seen a transfer of power at all. 

“I don’t believe the country’s future can be reduced to an election result. 

“I do believe Ugandans will find a way. I believe our young nation has potential that none of its leaders  can fully control. We need to develop this potential through new opportunities for change, and we  should build on what we’re good at. For many Ugandans, like me, this starts with the creative arts. For  others it could be cultural education, or responsible agribusiness. 

“Our country’s future isn’t just in the hands of the next government – it’s in the destiny of all Ugandans  – home and abroad, we’re all represented by the same flag: black, yellow and red,” says George the  Poet. 

The film will premiere on George the Poet’s social media and YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsOpeTkX5OYdcdJGtoiAEFA 

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