Akram Gumisiriza Gifts Hajat Kulthum with a Brand-New Ride on Their Introduction Ceremony

South African-based Eng. Akram Gumisiriza gifted lover Hajat Kulthum Nabunya with a brand-new ride on their customary introduction ceremony.

The Gumisiriza household will remember November 25th forever thanks to a great introduction ceremony.

The eagerly awaited ceremony took place at Hajata Kulthum’s parents’ home in Kawanda, and all invited guests from all walks of life were present.

A brand-new refrigerator, TV, chairs, and many other items were among the gifts Akram delivered to Kulthum’s parents.

Hajat Kulthum Nabunya in Her Brand New Car (Photo: Bukedde)

However, what drew our attention, was a brand-new car Akram gifted to Hajat Kulthum in a bid to elevate her lifestyle.

Akram disclosed that he had jetted the car present from South Africa while speaking to the journalists. He then gave Kulthum the automobile keys and the DR KUL 4 GP-engraved South African license plates.

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He explained that in addition to the car, he has other gifts for Kulthum. When questioned about why he chose South African plates even though Kulthum is in Uganda, he emphasized that with money everything is possible.

He however pointed out that Hajat Kulthum is free to alter or keep the existing plates because the car is now hers.

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