Former Mp Kawuma Aide Nails Deputy Mayor Over DP seat

Mayor Kayanja's 3rd Term Plot To Crash Enermies

Former Member of Parliament  Muhammad Kawuma personal secretary has  been  elected the new chairman for  Democratic Party in Entebbe.

Francis Makumbi was voted amidst a tight race between outgoing deputy mayor Richard Sekyondo at  a meeting organized at the Changsha modal primary school recently.

Sixteen  leaders were voted and elected to different offices as follows

  1. Richard Sekyondo  Deputy chairman,
  2. Mukasa Juma Secretary,
  3. Ndugga John Deputy secretary,
  4. Ssekandi Richard Treasurer,
  5. Vincent Kayanja Deputy  Treasurer,
  6. Menyha Francis Organizing secretary,
  7. Katiir Emech Deputy  secretary,
  8. Ssali Godfrey Maggwa Publicity secretary,
  9. Dembe Joseph Deputy publicity,
  10. Lukwango Janet Women leader ,
  11. Zzimula Molly Deputy,
  12. Kasuli Brenda Women secretary ,
  13. Mubiru  Damyano Youth leader,
  14. Mpungu Micheal Deputy and
  15. Nassali Ruth Youth secretary

a ceremony presided over  by the district party chairman Zziwa Lwanga and electoral commission  officer  Ndagire Lillian Rovince.

This party leaders elections were dramatic as four top democratic party diehards were dropped from top positions and these included Sserwadda Omar Shaqic also Mayor Vicent Kayanja political assistant, Councilor  Arafat Ssekawooya, Councilor  Kimera Jackie and outgoing division ‘B’ chairman Salongo Stanley Namayirira who dodged  the meeting over unknown reasons.

Inside sources revealed that the elections weren’t free and fair although the publicist Ssali Godfrey Maggwa confirmed that they were free and fair for the good of the party ahead of the political season 2021 where the party is expected a fair number  of candidates to  be voted or elected into top offices from member of parliament to local leaders.(By PEACOCK KAWEESA)


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